When the Apple Watch first came out, I was simply amazed by its design and simplicity. I had read online how many people tried to abuse it to see if it would break and some people even went to extremes and thus of course would make it break.

The Apple Watch is mostly an extension of your iPhone, as most of the information is retrieved from your iPhone via a Bluetooth or same WIFI connection. For me its an amazing gadget because I work in a relatively large school with 17 levels, I sometimes find myself forgetting to bring my iPhone with me to tend to issues in the classroom. With the Apple Watch, I basically have everything I need with me, even when my iPhone is not with me, because since my iPhone is hooked up to the Schools WIFI, my watch stays connected to my iPhone, thus I am able to get notifications, phone calls and all the Apple Watch features, even if I am 100 metres or more away or in some remote classroom on campus from my iPhone.