Technology, particular computing and the pursuit of make-life-easier gadgets, has been an interest of mine since I was a teenager. Acquiring my first computer around the age of 16. A Gateway Intel Pentium with 100Mhz processor computer running on Windows 95.

It's amazing how in just 25 years, the change of technology has impacted on our lives deeply. My mobile device today is more powerful then the computer I had 25 years ago. Food for thought! In pondering over that, has technology made my life easier or not? In some sense yes and in others no. The price of some essentials tech would make heads turn 25 years ago. A decent smartphone device today costs between 300 to over 1000 Euro, depending on the brand or model of your preference or budget. I cans till remember my Nokia 5110 in 1998 and feeling content with making and taking calls and sending SMS's. Swap my iPhone for a Nokia 5110 and I think I got a dose of nomophobia.