Web Design

The foundation of good web design lies in the level of imagination of the designer. A marriage of design skills and the right platform to showcase these is essential in best expressing the content to its audience. Nowadays businesses require stable platforms, platforms in which content is easily changeable and which does not cost a lot of money without compromising security and privacy.

CMS or content management systems have been the norm for most web platforms as it provides ways for anyone to insert content without writing any code. It is most effective for those who want to get a website up and running quickly without paying someone 1000s to design a website from scratch. Pre-designed templates are available to start with and with some knowledge of PHP and HTML, Webmasters can easily tweak templates to suit the needs of the customer, since the backend is already built. Very clever!

Sites like Wordpress or Weebly offer free to premium online CMS tools, so you can create a complete website within a few hours depending availability of all the content needed.

I have been a Concrete5 CMS Webmaster for nearly 5 years, previously a Subdreamer CMS Webmaster and before that a HTML Webmaster. I studied Multimedia & Web Design at the Blackrock Further Education Institute between 1995 to 1998. It also included HTML coding and Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Director