Graphic Design

The freedom to design and implement ideas is something that I have always enjoyed. If you are designing a book, magazine or a website for someone or some business, it takes alot of imagination and experience to help capture the essence of your client ideas and turn them into what they expect and even exceed those expectations without losing the core of their ideas.

People pay you to showcase their ideas, their dreams, their inspirations or you do it for free with some leeway for your ideas too.

I have recently started to work in Graphic Design for a childrens Islamic magazine called Qalam, which basically means 'Pen' in Arabic. I had no prior experience in working on such a project, however I took on the challenge and it has been both rewarding and challenging. Having had the experience of some Adobe Products, I quickly got accustomed to new Graphic Designer tools such as Quark Express as well as working with previously Adobe Indesign.