Domains & Hosting

A domain name ( is the basic internet address of a website which is translated from a number into a human readable text. For example, the server on which the domain name is located has an IP address comprised of 4 sets of numbers like which would resolved to

Without a FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name), you basically cannot have a website. 


There are many hosting companies worldwide in order to park your domains or to even have your own virtual server to add more addon domains to your server. Hosting companies can be quite competitive with prices but beware that not all hosting companies are reliable. One time I was left hanging with many domains on one server as the company went out of business, that means when it goes out of business, so does your website.

I have being using Bluehost for the past 10 years with little to no hassle, however I would recommend that if you are looking for a hosting company to find one that is local to you, as ping times to the US are a lot slower. I am considering moving to DomainFactory here in Europe but with a VPS with over 40 domains and many critical, it's not that easy to move them without any interruptions, but thats not your problem.